Thursday, 9 August 2007

What General Ornithology means ...

As the General Ornithologist will know ignorance is bliss.
Just being out in the field makes you a General Ornithologist.

Two examples of General Ornithology in the field:

"Is there anything about ?" asked the twitcher.
"Yes there are thousands of guillemots over there" replied the General Ornithologist.
With this reply the twicher looks completely bemussed !

"Have you seen the Little Crake ?" asked the twitcher
"Sorry, we are not Twitchers we are General Ornithologists" replied the General Ornithologists.
With this reply the twitcher looks suicidal !

General Ornithologists are revered by the twitching fraternity.
Watch Them !

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Radar said...

Were they Brunnichs?