Sunday, 19 August 2007

Piccione Italiano.

Every once in a while the GOA need to embark on missions overseas and our trip to rome was no exception. We invited ourselves on an all expenses paid long weekend to rome via munich and via frankfurt on our return journey. The reason for this trip was not the amazing ruins of ancient rome, nor the remarkable history of this once ruling empire, nor the 90 degree temperatures, nor the fantastic fine cuisine, wine and beer not even for a break NO, it was to see the very friendly and tame 'piccione italiano' (italian pigeon). They walk around with the swagger of an avian gladiator ignoring the feet of passing tourists, every now and again letting them know how they feel with a swift 'merda sulla testa' (poop on the head). Whilst in rome i met with 'gruppo colobofilo' (group colombofilo) who practically worship pigeons, G.O's at there finest would you not agree. The GOA also managed to secure its first overseas affiliate. If you have a spare day or two in your callender i would recomend any G.O. visit the wonderful city of rome and view the the thousands of pigeons this city has to offer. Truely splendido.

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