Friday, 10 August 2007

The General Ornithologists Top 11

1. A Twitcher, a poor fellow, who chases around the country looking at Rare Birds, instead of observing the common species and their feeding and reproductive habits in the confounds of your own back garden or local area of common land.
2. A Pager, a tool for the twitcher that bleeps and destroys the piece and quiet in the countryside.
3. A Robin, something we stroke.
4. Bird Table - a G.O.’s most valued possession often gets restocked at least 10 times a day.
5. RSPB Reserve, eg Titchwell or Minsmere, a place were we often flock to in thousands, looking at our guidebooks while tucking into a pink cupcake at the Cafe.
6. Latest Top Optics, A must for any G.O.’s, we wouldn't be a member without them or seen dead with substandard optics.
7. Wax jacket – a Key element of our identity.
8. Fieldcraft – something we lack eg - fingers pointing out of the hide.
9. Lateral vision – never looking up, Ospreys often fly over our heads.
10. Top class hotel – a must for a G.O.’s while visiting RSPB Titchwell or Minsmere.
11. Coach trips with the local RSPB groups, a tri annual event were all the local G.O.’s have a get together and a jolly old hoo haa.

You can't beat a good GOA.

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