Thursday, 23 August 2007

Keeping fit the GOA way #1 - The Tramp.

The mere thought keeping fit turns a G.O's stomach but we at the GOA realise that fitness is an essential part of staying alive, and so we have embarked on putting together a fitness program that will help every G.O. stay alive a little bit longer so you can enjoy more General Orinithological activities.
The first in the series Keeping fit the GOA way is : The Tramp.
This has nothing to do with the man who lives in your shed nor the brother you dare not speak to !
This is the steady and not very progresive excercise of 'tramping'(walking) for 8 miles in not particulary nice conditions over pebbles 1' deep. This excercise was undertaken under GOA control by myself, Bluebirder, DP, and GOA guest Wellsorearse. The location was Blakeney Point, Norfolk (the GOA's second spiritual home).
Above you can see the starting point this also makes up the finnishing point, the small picture in the top left corner is the course. On route you have much sueada to tramp through and the delightfully named 'halfway house' which is halfway ! Then off again for the next half and towards the point and 'The plantation' where we were luckily enough to get brief views of the very elusive and rather shy Greenish warbler plus a supporting cast of other birds. On our way back in the wind and grey it rained much to our delight as this cooled down our now fit pumped up bodies back halfway again at the 'halfway house' we just so happened to see a Barred warbler, and no it is not an illegal immigrant nor a shakespearian but just a barred warbler. Now the last half is 'a bugger' it hurt, you feel like you are sinking in the pebbles and the last mile is 'oh my god', but when you eventually reach the finnish oh my are'nt you glad you did it.
Break through the pain you know it makes sense.
Keep fit the GOA way.

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