Sunday, 2 September 2007

GOA Honanary member #3

Sir Patrick Moore was born on 4 March 1923 in what was then the little Middlesex village of Pinner. At the age of six months he and his parents moved to Sussex where he has lived ever since - not counting the war years when he was a ringer for the YOC and a brief time in Ireland in the 60’s where he couldn’t list (GOA rules).Between the ages of six and sixteen Patrick was ill, on and off, and this fortunately prevented him from twitching and so he became a general ornithologist, working his local patch. Patrick has written over 60 books mainly on astronomy, but has penned some books on night time bird migration and owls. But it is his dedication to sea-watching that earns him a place as our 3rd honorary member of GOA. Patrick’s favourite bird – the clown of the seas – aka the Puffin.
Sir Patrick in death we salute you.

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